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My company's sodium permanganate, potassium permanganate in 2012 was identified as high-tech product

Date: 2016-05-13
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I produced by the company and the use of potassium permanganate, sodium permanganate own patented production of two products in 2012 was identified as "high-tech products in Guangdong Province."

Was named high-tech products, the product is required to file certified as authorized by the state sector or market test and be recognized by the new products. Also clear IP product requirements, mature technology, market potential, a better economic, social and environmental benefits, in line with the requirements of sustainable development.

It reflects the company's technological strength and continued innovation, will help drive the industry rising to the high-end chain, play an active social benefits. I will continue to be further strengthened in the future R & D investment, enhance the independent innovation capability of research and development, give full play to the guiding role model high-tech products, continue to maintain our leading position in the industry permanganate.







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